Grade 2 Student Answers Module at Mausoleum in Manila North Cemetery

Grade 2 Student Living in Manila North Cemetery Answers Modules at Mausoleum

A Grade 2 student named Nash Gutierrez is answering his modules at a tomb of a mausoleum in Manila North Cemetery.

The 7-year-old boy finds the home-based learning hard due to the situation of his family. His family is living at the Manila North Cemetery over the past 10 years because they could not afford to buy or rent a house.

Nash is doing his best to answer his modules at a tomb, which serves to be his desk and mausoleum for a classroom. His mother Rowena Borja serves as his teacher but they were both struggling with the distance learning.

Grade 2 Student

“Kahit Filipino na po siya, ita-translate mo pa talaga siya sa pinaka-Tagalog. Meron po talaga po kasi sa mga module na gumagamit pa rin po ng malalalalim na salita,” Borja said.

The student’s parents were working hard despite their meager income just to support the education of their children. Gutierrez famiy has no permanent place to call home so they have decided to reside among the graves.

The young boy is dreaming to become a soldier someday, which is the primary reason why he is trying his best at school. The kid received a new set of school supplies from kind-hearted individuals because of his dedication.

Grade 2 Student

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