Olympics Creative Head Resigns Following “Olympig” Idea For Opening

Olympics Creative Head Resigns After Floating “Olympig” Pitch

OLYMPICS CREATIVE HEAD RESIGNS – Japan’s Olympics Creative Director said he’d step down from his post after a magazine revealed his plan for an “Olympig” skit.

Initially, Hiroshi Sasaki floated the idea of hiring one of Japan’s biggest comedians, Naomi Watanabe to perform in the opening of the Olympics. However, his plan was thought to be utterly distasteful to Watanabe and her fans.

Olympics Creative Head Resigns Following "Olympig" Idea For Opening

He proposed that the comedian be lowered into the stadium dressed as a pig during the opening ceremony in a segment he calls the “Olympigs”.

Olympics Creative Head Resigns Following "Olympig" Idea For Opening

As soon as he pitched his idea, the planning team immediately rejected it. One of the members said it wasn’t right to make such a comparison. Meanwhile, others said that the idea was too awful to even consider.

Upon learning about this, Watanabe said she was surprised to hear about Sasaki’s plans.

In fact, I am happy with my figure. So, as always, I would like to express myself as ‘Naomi Watanabe’ without being particular about being fat.

However, as a human being, I sincerely hope that we can have a fun and prosperous world where we can respect and recognise each person’s individuality and way of thinking.

As a response to the backlash, Sasaki said his ideas were unforgivable. Afterward he said that he offers his deepest regrets and apologized for the comments he made.

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