Lady Teacher Saves Student From Choking on Bottle Cap (Video)

Video of Lady Teacher Saving Student From Choking on Bottle Cap Goes Viral

The video footage of a lady teacher saving a nine-year-old student from choking on bottle cap goes viral after it was posted online.

In the surveillance video, it can be seen that a nine-year-old kid who is a third-grade student in East Orange, New Jersey tried to drink water from a plastic bottle. Unfortunately, the bottled water’s cap gets lodged in his throat.

The kid panicked and run to the sink trying to pull out the cap but he failed to do so. After a few moments, the student quickly run to his teacher while choking and pointed to his throat because he could not speak anymore.

Lady Teacher

The teacher named Janiece Jenkins quickly think to help her student and performed a Heimlich maneuver to remove the cap from his mouth. The educator successfully removed the cap and saved the third grade student.

“In the moment, I was just like okay, he needs my help, You get this training, you know that it’s important to have the training, but you never really think that you’re going to have to use the training,” Jenkins said.

The Math teacher learned CPR and the Heimlich maneuver years ago when she was teaching preschool. She is teaching for 14 years and working at East Orange Community Charter School for five years.

However, Janiece admitted that she had never performed the maneuver before but she pulled out the recent one.

The young boy’s dad has also praised the teacher for saving his son’s life and showing an act of heroism.

Lady Teacher

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