Kilo of Nails and Screws Found by Doctors Inside Man’s Stomach

Doctors found a kilo of nails and screws inside man’s stomach in Lithuania

FOREIGN OBJECTS- A kilo of nails and screws was found by doctors inside a man’s stomach in Lithuania.

nails and screws inside stomach
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The unnamed patient was confined to a hospital in Klaipeda port city in Lithuania due to severe abdominal pain.

Several pieces of metal-some measuring up to 10 centimeters were eventually found in his stomach based on his x-ray.

According to Dr. Sarunas Dailidenas, the foreign bodies- even the smallest ones were removed from the patient’s stomach after a three-hour operation with X-ray control.

The doctor told the Times News Network that the patient started to swallow metal objects when he stopped drinking alcohol.

The patient is now in stable condition after his operation.

Meanwhile, according to MedlinePlus, if a person swallows a foreign object, it can get stuck along the gastrointestinal (GI) tract from the esophagus (swallowing tube) to the colon (large intestine). It might lead to a blockage or tear in the GI tract.

Foreign bodies can be removed by endoscopy, a procedure where organs inside your body are looked at using an instrument called an endoscope, or by laparotomy, a surgical incision into the abdominal cavity.

Mayo Clinic, a healthcare company, said if a person who has swallowed an object becomes unconscious, the person should lay on his or her back on the ground. If the object can be seen through his/her mouth, reach a finger in and sweep the object out without pushing it deeper into the airway.

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