Young Boy Saves Drowning Toddler Whose Mom Was Busy on her Phone

Young Boy Earns Praises For Saving Drowning Toddler in Pool

A young boy earns praises from the netizens after saving a drowning toddler whose mom was busy on her phone.

Nowadays, the mobile phone is one of the most popular gadgets in various countries all around the world. It is used in numerous tasks such as work, education, business, and even for entertainment purposes.

However, it also causes distraction to some people leading them to neglect their responsibilities.

Young Boy

A Twitter user named Dr. Muiz Marad has shared the photo of his beloved son Ali who saved a toddler from drowning at the pool because the little girl’s mom was busy on her phone. The post circulates online.

The 11-year-old boy identified as Ali saw the little girl drowning in the pool but no one came to save her. The kid immediately take an action and did not hesitate to save the toddler from drowning.

The girl’s mom is reportedly confident to allow her children to play in the pool for having floaties and under the supervision of their older sibling. Unfortunately, the girl slipped out from her floaties and almost drown.

Here is the full post:

“My son, the hero. Ali just saved a toddler from drowning at the hotel pool (in KL). So proud of him. The toddler was playing with her big sisters on a big float. The sisters thought the toddler had her floaty on. The toddler slipped off the floaty into the water, by the time Ali saw the whole thing the toddler was already in the water. ali quickly swam and pulled her out gasping for air and crying and all. give it another 10seconds and things would have turned out for the worse,” Murad wrote in his post.

Murad also advised his fellow parents to supervise and monitor their kids in the pool especially since most pools have no lifeguards on duty.

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