Young Boy Risks Own Life to Save Poor Kitten From Drowning

Young Boy Hailed as ‘Hero’ After Risking Own Life to Save Poor Kitten From Drowning

A young boy has been hailed as “Hero” after risking his own life just to save a poor kitten from drowning in the storm drain.

Nowadays, a lot of kids and teenagers were only thinking of themselves due to their young age. However, there are some kids who can prove that they are selfless and willing to help others.

The online community hailed a little boy from Malaysia as a “Hero” for saving a poor kitten from drowning. The kid risked his own life just to rescue the helpless animal from the drainage.

Young Boy

The boy thought that the kitten might not able to swim and survive for so long due to the cold water. He get a net from his house and crawled inside tunnel to rescue the poor kitten trapped in the drainage.

The Malaysia Animal Association admired the heroic act of the kid for risking his life and showing kindness to the kitten trapped into the deep monsoon drain. They would also give a consolatory gift to the young hero.

However, the kid’s parents or guardian are required to contact the Malaysia Animal Association at +6011-20901097 to claim the gift.

Young Boy

The Malaysia Animal Association wishes a thousand thank yous to this brave boy. We are happy to give the little boy a consolatory gift. We are requesting that the boy or his guardians to contact us in order to claim the gift at +6011-20901097,” the association said.

Young Boy

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