Young Boy Earns Praises Online for Helping Flood Victims Cleaning Houses

Young Boy Helping Flood Victims Cleaning Houses Earns Praises From Netizens

A young boy garnered praises and admiration from the online community for helping the flood victims to clean their houses.

During this modern generation, many calamities and problems occur causing severe damage to a lot of properties. A lot of people failed to make proper preparations during natural disasters because it appear without any warning or signals.

A Twitter user named @nurassyaheera has posted the photo of a young boy helping out in their neighborhoods affected by massive flooding. The recent typhoon causes severe damage to houses and other establishments in the area.

Young Boy

The buildings and houses were filled with mud. A lot of volunteers scrambled to help the victim clean their homes from muds. The muds even dry up making it harder for the residents to remove it from their houses.

Nurassyaheera revealed that the kid is the nephew of one of her friends who volunteered to help the flood victims. The boy did not even hesitate the flood victims and prove that age doesn’t matter when it comes to helping each other.

The kid volunteer to do it although he has shorter, weaker arms and legs than other volunteers the boy shows compassion and kindness to the people who were devastated by the natural calamity.

Young Boy

Nurassyaheera and the online community admired the kid’s simple gesture. The netizens even praised the boy’s parents for raising him well.

Young Boy

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