Mom Shares Video of Her Daughter Using Phone Screen as Grill: “Sorry po kung minsan di ako maka-reply agad”


Mom Goes Viral Online for Sharing Video of Her Daughter Using Phone Screen as Makeshift Grill A naughty mom has shared the video of her daughter using the phone screen as a makeshift grill for her toys. Over the past decades, smartphones have evolved into multifunctional devices that serve as personal assistants, entertainment centers, and … Read more

Toddler Argues w/ Mom, Insisting Trees Are Non-Biodegradable


Adorable Toddler Insisting Trees Are Non-Biodegradable Brings Good Vibes Online An adorable toddler has brought good vibes online by arguing with his mom, insisting that trees are non-biodegradable. Children are young human beings who are typically below the age of puberty and have not yet reached adulthood. They are often characterized by their curiosity, energy, … Read more

Young Man Cusses & Disrespects Mom in a Heated Debate

Young Man

Heated Debate Between Young Man and Mom Escalates to Physical Altercation A young man has garnered a massive amount of criticism online for cussing and disrespecting his mom in a heated debate. Recently, a Facebook user Atty. Orly Vicente Montalban shared video of distressing scene where a mother and her 17-year-old son engage in a … Read more

Content Creator Shares Experience of Growing Up Poor “Akala ko mayayaman lang ang nakakapasok”

Content Creator

Female Content Creator Shares Painful Experience of Growing Up in Poverty A lady content creator shares her experience of growing up poor “akala ko mayayaman lang ang nakakapasok.” The Facebook account, Mommy Van shared her story of growing up in poverty, believing that only wealthy people could dine at fast-food chains. Her post quickly went … Read more

Tricycle Driver Mom Shares Inspiring Post: “Pag tamad ka NGA NGA ka”

Tricycle Driver Mom

Tricycle Driver Mom Goes Viral After Inspiring Netizens w/ Her Post A tricycle driver mom inspired the online community with her inspiring post, saying, “Pag tamad ka NGA NGA ka.” Melanie Maravilla Arela, a Facebook user, recently shared her inspiring story as a tricycle driver in the social media group “Tricycle Group Philippines.” Her post … Read more

Lady Netizen Saved by Mom’s ‘Pabaon’ During Flight “22hrs na ko wala kain”

Lady Netizen

Mom’s Thoughtfulness Saves Lady Netizen During Flight: “22 Hours Without Food” A lady netizen proudly shared how her beloved mom’s ‘Pabaon’ came to her rescue during her flight, saying, “22hrs na ko wala kain.” Cristina Magpantay, a Facebook user, shared a photo of her beloved mother’s packed snacks for her. The post immediately spread like … Read more

Mom Expresses Frustration as Son Receives Handkerchief & Soaps in School Exchange Gift

Exchange Gift

Mom Expresses Displeasure as Son Receives Handkerchief and Soaps During School Christmas Party Gift Exchange A dissatisfied mom has expressed her frustration as son received handkerchief and soaps in school exchange gift. Alexakate Balami, a Facebook user, shared a photo of her disappointed son who received handkerchief and soaps in school exchange gift. The post … Read more