Mom Shares Video of Her Daughter Using Phone Screen as Grill: “Sorry po kung minsan di ako maka-reply agad”

Mom Goes Viral Online for Sharing Video of Her Daughter Using Phone Screen as Makeshift Grill

A naughty mom has shared the video of her daughter using the phone screen as a makeshift grill for her toys.

Over the past decades, smartphones have evolved into multifunctional devices that serve as personal assistants, entertainment centers, and productivity tools. With a wide range of apps available for download, users can customize their smartphones to suit their individual needs.

Individuals can use it for gaming, shopping, health tracking, or productivity enhancement. However, while mobile phones offer numerous benefits, they also present challenges and potential drawbacks.


Excessive use of smartphones can lead to issues such as digital addiction, distraction, and decreased face-to-face social interaction. Prolonged exposure to mobile devices can have various effects on children, affecting their physical, mental, and social well-being.

It may lead to eye strain, sleep disturbances, and mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

To minimize these effects, it’s important for parents to set limits on screen time, encourage physical activity and outdoor play, promote healthy sleep habits, and foster open communication with their children about the responsible use of technology.


Providing alternative activities such as reading, arts and crafts, and outdoor play can help reduce reliance on mobile devices and support children’s overall development.

Recently, a TikTok user named Baby Mayari Laya Tanza, Cavite shared the video of a young girl pretending to grill using the phone screen. The post quickly went viral and garnered various reactions from the internet users.

Mommy Ansherina Jazul, the child’s parent, captioned the video, “Sorry po kung minsan di ako maka-reply agad sa mga messages, baka ginagamit lang ni Mayari sa ihawan yung selpon ko.”

@baby_mayari.laya Sorry po kung minsan di ako maka-reply agad sa mga messages, baka ginagamit lang ni Mayari sa ihawan yung selpon ko. #toddler #toddlers #toddlerlife #toddlersoftiktok #toddleractivities #toddlermom ♬ original sound – Baby Mayari Laya

Jazul even recounted the advice from other parents not to allow prolonged exposure of young children to mobile devices. “Sabi nila wag daw sanayin sa screen yung mga bata vs. anak ko na ginagamit nang tama ang screen,” she added.

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