Young Boy Wants to Buy Cake for Mom’s Birthday But Stressed Out “Kulang ang pera ko”

Netizens Praise Young Boy For Buying Cake for Mom’s Birthday

A young boy wanted to buy a cake for his mom’s birthday but stressed out “Kulang ang pera ko” at a cake shop.

The heartwarming photos of a kid who wanted to purchase a cake to surprise his mother on its birthday goes viral and elicits comments from the online community. The post touched the hearts of the netizens.

The online community was moved after seeing the photos of a young kid identified as “Bibo” who wanted to buy a cake worth P300. Unfortunately, he had no enough cash to buy the pastry.

Young Boy

A netizen named Angelica Bermoro assisted Bibo in choosing the cake and instructed the cashier about it. After reaching the cashier, the boy counted his money and pulled out P50, P20 and some coins.

Bibo has P100 only, which is not enough to buy the cake worth P300. The kid canceled the transaction and decided to use the money to buy rice.

“Sinabihan ko ang kahera na ‘yon daw ang kanyang bilhin. Pero noong ilabas niya ang pera, marami ang barya at may isang P50 at dalawang P20, “Sabi ng bata, ‘Kulang ang pera ko. Ibibili ko na lang ’to ng bigas,’” Bermoro said.

Young Boy

Bermoro paid for the cake and told the kid to keep his money. She also urged the public to help the less-fortunate people especially those who are in need.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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