College Student’s Mom Reacts Hilariously to Meme Reposted Online

College Student's Mom

College Student Brings Good Vibes Online After Her Mom Reacts Hilariously to Meme A college student’s mom goes viral and elicits comments online after reacting hilariously to a meme reposted on social media. College life is often portrayed as a time of freedom, self-discovery, and unforgettable experiences. While these aspects are undeniably part of the … Read more

Student Claims ‘Deserve ko magkape’ After Receiving 2/30 Exam Score


Student Garners Various Reactions for Exclaiming ‘Deserve ko magkape’ After Receiving 2/30 Exam Score TEST SCORE – A male student jokingly exclaimed ‘Deserve ko magkape’ after receiving 2/30 exam score. Onin Baliza, a Facebook user, has shared a photo of his exam score. The post immediately spread like wildfire online after it was posted on … Read more

Student Went Hysterical After Teacher Asked Him to Go Out “Hindi ako masamang tao”


College Student Went Hysterical After Teacher Asked Him to Go Out A male student who visited another class went hysterical after the teacher asked him to go out of classroom. The relationship between students and teachers forms the foundation of a healthy and productive learning environment. However, instances of student disrespect towards teachers have become … Read more

Teacher Surprises Pupil with Food Items Hidden Inside His Bag; Student Has Priceless Reaction

food items

A teacher surprises his student with food items hidden inside his bag TEACHER’S SURPRISE TO STUDENT – In a heartwarming gesture, a teacher surprised his pupil by secretly hiding food items inside his bag, leading to a priceless and emotional reaction from the student. A teacher recently surprised one of his students with an unexpected … Read more

Student Comes Late to School After Helping ‘Hit-and-Run’ Victim: “Ma’am sorry I’m late”


Student Earns Praises From Netizens After Helping ‘Hit-and-Run’ Victim A male student comes late to school after helping a ‘hit-and-run’ victim in Pasig City: “Ma’am sorry I’m late”. When a disaster strikes, it is the rescuers and volunteers who are the first to respond. These brave men and women put their lives on the line … Read more