Student Skips School to Work & Buy Medicine for Ailing Mother

Student Pens Heartbreaking Excuse Letter Asking Teacher to Allow Him to Skip Class

A high school student writes a heartfelt and touching letter to his teacher requesting permission to skip class in order to work and buy medicine for his ailing mother.

The love between children and their parents is a bond like no other. It’s a unique connection that often goes beyond words, transcending time, and remaining constant throughout life’s journey.

This love is a beautiful reminder to the human experience and the depth of emotion that can exist within a family.


Recently, a teacher at Palanguia National High School in Pototan recently shared a touching note from one of her students who had decided to take a day off from school. The student explained in a brief yet heartfelt message that he will be absent from school because he needed to work to buy medicine for his ailing mother.

According to the teacher, the student mentioned that he needed to “harvest” eggs from a poultry farm where they worked to earn money for their mother’s medication. The kid was willing to put his education temporarily on hold to ensure that his mother received the necessary treatment and care.

The teacher expressed her understanding for the situation, acknowledging the student’s commitment to their family’s well-being. The educator understood and respected the reasons for the student’s particular absence.


The kind-hearted educator also mentioned that while she would have preferred all her students to be in school, she wanted to consider the kid’s plea.

The story points out that family and personal responsibilities can sometimes take priority over school or work. It also demonstrates the sacrifices individuals are willing to make for their loved ones, especially in times of need.

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