Student Goes Viral for Dressing in Costume Despite Classes Being Cancelled

Female Student Elicits Reactions for Dressing Up Despite Cancelled Classes

COSPLAY EVENT – A female student goes viral online for dressing up in her costume despite canceled classes.

Cosplay, short for “costume play,” is a hobby and subculture where individuals dress up as characters from various media sources, including but not limited to anime, manga, comic books, video games, movies, and TV shows.

Cosplayers often meticulously design and create their costumes to resemble the characters they are portraying as accurately as possible, paying attention to details such as clothing, accessories, makeup, and even mannerisms.


Cosplay is not limited to just wearing costumes; it often involves embodying the character through acting, posing for photographs, participating in events such as conventions and competitions, and engaging with other cosplayers and fans.

Recently, Reyna Abegail Aton, a student whose morning classes were called off due to an impending typhoon, brought laughter to netizens when she shared a TikTok post of herself dressed in costume despite the cancellation.

In the entertaining video, Reyna humorously narrated the situation where their morning classes were canceled due to the typhoon. However, much to her surprise, their review center decided to proceed with their afternoon classes and a cosplay event.


The TikTok post, shared on January 16, 2024, quickly went viral, eliciting a variety of reactions from online users. In the video, Reyna is seen wearing her cosplay costume while holding a screenshot of the announcement regarding the cancellation of their morning classes.

Aton’s approach to the unexpected turn of events resonated with many netizens who appreciated her sense of humor and creativity in the face of adversity.


Despite the disappointment of canceled classes, the female student’s ability to find humor in the situation brought joy to netizens:

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