Student Requests ‘Money Bouquet,’ Receives “Manny Bouquet” Instead

Instead of a “money bouquet,” a student was given a “Manny Bouquet”

MONEY BOUQUET vs. MANNY BOUQUET – A student who requested a “money bouquet” was given a “Manny bouquet” instead.

Michelle Kee’s amusing social media post gained attention, featuring her supposed request to her mother for a “money bouquet” at their Moving Up ceremony, only to receive a “Manny bouquet” instead.

In a Facebook post, Michelle is seen wearing her graduation gown and medal, holding her diploma and a bouquet featuring images of boxer and former senator Manny Pacquiao. She also covered her face in the photo with a crying emoji.

“Me – ma pa money bouquet pud ko ma Ig moving up. Mama granted my wish,” Michelle captioned her post. “Salamat sa Manny bouquet ma grabi wako ga expect,” she added humorously. Many were entertained by Michelle’s post, with several netizens leaving comments. The post has garnered over 6,900 reactions, 361 comments, and 6,200 shares so far.

Meanwhile, giving a money bouquet to graduating students is a gesture of celebration and support. Instead of traditional flowers, this bouquet is crafted with crisp bills folded into intricate shapes, symbolizing not just congratulations but also financial empowerment as they step into the next phase of their lives. Each bill represents not just currency, but the value of their hard work, dedication, and achievements throughout their academic journey.

It’s a practical gift that acknowledges their accomplishments while also providing them with the means to pursue their dreams, whether it be further education or starting their careers. Beyond the monetary value, the money bouquet is a visual representation of the collective efforts and investments made by family, friends, and mentors who have supported the graduates along the way. It’s a beautiful reminder of their accomplishments and a token of well-wishes for their future success.

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