Thrifty Student Trying to Save on Fare Robbed by ‘Riding in Tandem’ in QC

Thrifty Student Got Robbed by ‘Riding in Tandem’ While Trying to Save on Fare

A thrifty student trying to save on fare shares his terrifying experience after being robbed by riding-in-tandem in Quezon City.

Recently, Thomas Jayson, a Facebook user, shared his frightening encounter with armed robbers while having a routine walk home into a traumatic experience. The post elicited reactions from the netizens.

Around 9:30 PM on Friday, June 21, 2024, Thomas decided to walk from Katipunan Station to his home in Quirino 2-B, hoping to save money on transportation. As he neared his home, two men on a motorcycle suddenly appeared.

Thrifty Student

One of them, brandishing a gun, demanded Thomas’s bag and cell phone. To prevent Thomas from calling for help, the armed assailant punched him in the stomach. Despite this, Thomas managed to break free and cry out.

The robber struck him on the head with the gun, causing Thomas to fall and his glasses to break. The victim was unable to clearly see the suspects or their motorcycle’s plate number due to his poor eyesight.

However, he could only recall that both wore helmets and black masks. After the attack, both the motorcycle and a white van that had been parked nearby quickly disappeared.

Thrifty Student

As of now, there are no updates from authorities regarding the apprehension of the suspects. The incident serves as a reminder for everyone, especially students and young adults, to prioritize their safety and be aware of their surroundings, particularly during late hours.

Thrifty Student
Thrifty Student

Here is the full post:

Yesterday, June 21, around 9:30 PM, I had a near-death experience.

Because I wanted to save some money, I forced myself to walk from Katipunan Station to my house in Quirino 2-B, but it turned into a nightmare.

I was on my street when this happened. There was a large white van parked three blocks away from my house, and as usual, I had to pass by it to get home. Suddenly, there was a riding-in-tandem waiting behind the van. One of them got off the motorcycle to point a gun at me and threaten to shoot me.

I didn’t know what to do because he was trying to grab my cellphone and bag while the other, the rider, was waiting. To prevent me from screaming, he punched me in the stomach. I don’t know how, but I managed to get away and scream for help. Because of that, he hit me on the head with a gun and pushed me until I stumbled. I didn’t get a chance to look for their plate number because my glasses were broken, and I have 500 astigmatism in both eyes. All I can remember was they both wear helmets and black mask.

When I fell and was bleeding, I quickly got up to run to my house and ask for help. But when I looked back, both the motorcycle and the white van were gone.


Don’t resist if you know they have a gun or any other weapon. As much as possible, give them what they ask for. And as a student trying to save money, never skimp on transportation. It’s much safer to commute than to walk.

The internet users expressed their reactions to the incident:

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