Dolphin Spotted Swimming Across the River in Samar


A dolphin has been spotted in Samar river Several residents of Barangay Sta. Elena in Sta., Rita, Samar were shocked to see a dolphin swimming across a river there. Recently, a certain Carlo Bernal Capacite took to social media wherein he posted the sighting of the dolphin. In the video, people couldn’t help but be … Read more

Samar Bettor Wins Over P49 Million in 6/58 Ultra Lotto

Samar bettor wins lotto

Lone bettor from Samar wins 6/58 Ultra Lotto jackpot A bettor from Samar will be taking home a whopping P49.5 million after winning the Ultra Lotto 6/58, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) announced on Wednesday. A lot of Filipinos are fond of playing the lottery officiated by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Many … Read more

Motorized Banca Operator Planning To Have Weekend Getaway Struck by Lightning


Motorized Banca Operator in Samar Dies After Struck by Lightning A 23-year-old motorized banca operator in Zumarraga, Samar identified as Romulo Papelerin died after struck by lightning last weekend. On Sunday (June 8, 2020), Romulo Papelerin is currently detaching the rope tied to the motorized banca when furious lightning struck him. The man is planning … Read more