Orange and Lemons Walk Out After Francine Diaz Interrupts Their Performance

Orange and Lemons

After Francine Diaz Interrupts Their Performance, Orange and Lemons Walk Out ORANGE AND LEMONS – The OPM band’s lead singer called for respect for artists following an onstage mix-up during a performance in Occidental Mindoro, where actress-singer Francine Diaz also performed. A video that spread across social media showed the band preparing to perform when … Read more

‘TOMORROW TIMES TOGETHER’ Francine Diaz Mispronounces Kpop Group’s Name at ASEA

Francine Diaz

Pinay Actress Francine Diaz Mispronounces Kpop Group’s Name ‘TOMORROW X TOGETHER’ at ASEA Francine Diaz, the Pinay actress, is trending on the social media platform “X/Twitter” after she mispronounced “Tomorrow Times Together. “Tomorrow Times Together” becomes a trending topic on “X” after Francine Diaz presented an award at the 1st Asia Star Entertainer Awards (ASEA) … Read more

Francine Diaz’s School Snaps Earn Praise From Netizens

Francine Diaz 6

Here Are Francine Diaz’s School Pics That Earn Praise From Netizens FRANCINE DIAZ – The candid school pics of actress Francine Diaz have become widely popular and are receiving acclaim from netizens. Francine Diaz, previously known as Francine Carrel Saenz Diaz, is renowned as an actress, YouTube influencer, and brand ambassador. Born on January 27, … Read more

Francine Diaz’s Fans Are Furious at ‘Frontline Pilipinas’ Over Andrea Brillantes

Francine Diaz

Fans of Francine Diaz express anger at ‘Frontline Pilipinas’ because of Andrea Brillantes FRANCINE DIAZ – Supporters of the Kapamilya actress expressed their frustration with “Frontline Pilipinas” because of Andrea Brillantes. Instead of seeing Francine, Andrea Brillantes appeared on the monitor of those watching Frontline Pilipinas. Diaz’s fans could not accept that their idol was … Read more