Netizen Shows Program Flow of Event Where Orange and Lemons, Francine Diaz Performed

Program Flow of Event Where Orange and Lemons and Francine Diaz Performed Shown by Netizen

ORANGE AND LEMONS vs FRANCINE DIAZ – A netizen took to social media to share the program flow of the event where the two performed.

An event in Occidental Mindoro that was meant to be enjoyable turned into confusion when the band Orange & Lemons walked off after Francine Diaz was unexpectedly invited to perform by the host. This interruption happened just as Orange & Lemons were ready to start their set, catching them off guard. Francine sang Taylor Swift’s “Love Story,” but her performance was affected by poor sound quality and the noise from the band’s electric guitars.

Clem Castro, the band’s lead singer, showed clear frustration, and eventually, he and his bandmates left the stage. Later, Clem spoke out about his displeasure regarding the unexpected disruption, highlighting the importance of respect among artists. After the event, Francine expressed her disappointment on Instagram for not being able to gather all the gifts from her fans and subtly referred to the evening’s issues by noting that respect should go both ways.

Recently, a netizen took to social media to share the program flow of the event where the two performed. According to Mariboy A. Ysibido, the confusion over who should perform first between Orange & Lemons and Francine Diaz at the Governor & Vice-Governor’s night was caused by changes to the originally planned sequence of performances. The controversy revolves around why the Director and Floor Director allowed deviations from the planned sequence, significantly impacting the flow of the event.

In live events, the Floor Director plays a crucial role in communicating the Director’s cues to the performers, ensuring the event runs smoothly according to the script or program schedule. However, during this event, it appears there was a breakdown in this process, leading to the disruption where Francine Diaz performed out of turn, causing confusion and frustration among the artists, specifically Orange & Lemons who were scheduled to perform first according to the original plan.

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