Elha Nympha Reacts After Being “Attacked” by Fans of Francine Diaz

Fans of Francine Diaz allegedly “attacked” Elha Nympha

ELHA NYMPHA – The singer expressed her concern about the alleged ‘attacks’ from some fans of Francine Diaz towards her while she was on a livestream.

In her social media posts, she conveyed her feelings about the situation. In one tweet, Elha expressed her thoughts about the situation and her love for the people involved.

“People be like commenting about a certain issue without even knowing what really happened or what went wrong? Who changed? Who started it first? but another problem is that we cannot disclose anything because ofc we don’t want to defame anyone bcos we still care,” she said. She further added in another tweet that she believes that in due time, the truth will come out and be known.

Moreover, Elha also responded to some comments getting involved in the issue. “Makisawsaw really? I respect chin’s fans pero before pa ako mag tweet, While i was doing a livestream on tiktok ako naman inaatake nila? Like what did i do? And also please stop spreading fake issues mas lalong lumalala to,” she said.

The exact details of the conflict between her and Francine Diaz’s fans are still unclear. However, this matter has been a topic of discussion especially after Jayda Avanzado admitted to having a rift with Francine while Elha has always been with Jayda.

Meanwhile, Elha Nympha, whose real name is Elha Mae Fronda Nympha, is a singer known for winning the second season of “The Voice Kids” in 2015. She started singing at a young age and gained recognition after her victory on the show. Elha won a recording contract with MCA Music Inc. (Philippines) and released her self-titled studio album “Elha” in 2016. She was also part of the all-female vocal group New Gen Divas. Elha has made international appearances, participated in talent shows like “Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids,” and performed on various television programs.

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