Long-lost Childhood Friends Reunite After 14 Years on Boracay Island

Long-lost Childhood Friends Reunite After Being Separated for 14 Years

Long-lost childhood friends have been reunited on Boracay Island after being separated for 14 years.

Recently, Luz Kyle, a Facebook user, shared photos of his unexpected reunion with a friend he met 14 years ago during her first visit to Boracay Island in 2010. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

After many years, Luz Kyle still fondly remembers the friendship he formed during the short time he spent in the popular tourist destination. He reminisced about their first encounter in 2010 during his first trip to Boracay.

Childhood Friends

Kyle met the person in the picture who invited him for a free kayak ride and taught him how to swim and float in the water without a life vest.

“Niyaya n’ya ako ng libreng sakay sa kayak at tinuruan ako kung paano lumangoy at magpalutang sa tubig ng walang life vest,” Kyle explained.

The male netizen learned so much from his friend, especially about their life on Boracay Island. He chose to stop schooling at a young age and work to help his family.

Childhood Friends

Although unsure if his friend would remember him after all these years, the latter expressed his desire to reconnect. He even reached out to social media for help, asking anyone who knew his friend or had a social media account to connect with them.

“Kung may nakakakilala man sa’yo dito o kung ikaw ay may social media acc. usap tayo dahil gusto ko sanang ikaw ulit ang sasama mag libot sa akin, Handa akong magbigay ng isang box ng dispo or cash kung sino man ang makakapag turo or tag sa’yo dito.” he added.

Thanks to the power of social media, the two friends have finally reunited. Luz Kyle shared the good news in a post, saying, “Sa wakas after 14 years nagkita na din ulit salamat sa lahat ng tumulong nakita ko na sya gaiz!”

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Childhood Friends

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