Francine Diaz Has This Post Amid Her Issue with Orange and Lemons

Amid Her Issue with Orange and Lemons, Francine Diaz Has This Post

FRANCINE DIAZ – The Kapamilya actress posted a cryptic message after allegedly interrupting the performance of Orange and Lemons.

What was supposed to be a joyful performance turned into a misunderstanding when Orange & Lemons walked out while Francine was on stage. During the event, Orange & Lemons were preparing to perform when the host unexpectedly invited Francine onto the stage. The host announced, “Bago tayo maki-jam sa ating banda, may isa munang gustong sumorpresa sa inyong lahat… palakpakan po natin, Ms. Francine Diaz!”

Francine ascended the stage and greeted the audience, then announced she would perform a song, despite Orange & Lemons being ready to perform. The band members, visibly surprised and standing behind the actress, were quickly approached by staff who seemed to explain the situation.

While Francine continued to sing her cover of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story,” her performance was disrupted not only by the poor sound quality of her backing track but also by the sounds of the electric guitar from Orange & Lemons. The frustration was evident on the face of Clem Castro, the lead vocalist, who had no choice but to leave the stage, followed by his bandmates.

During Orange & Lemons’ scheduled performance time, vocalist Clem could not restrain himself from voicing his frustration about the unexpected interruption. He apologized before starting their set, stressing the importance of respect among artists and lamenting the disruption.

After her performance, Francine posted on her Instagram Stories a portrait given by a fan in Occidental Mindoro. She expressed regret for not being able to collect all the gifts from her fans. Accompanying this was a note implying a jab at the disruption with Orange & Lemons, emphasizing, “mad respect for everyone who stayed up late. respect goes both ways. gn!!”

As of this writing, no official statements or reactions have been issued by the management of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, Francine, or Orange & Lemons regarding the issue.

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