Brain, Nervous System May Be Affected By COVID-19

nervous system coronavirus

Findings show that COVID-19 may affect the brain and nervous system The brain and nervous system may also be affected by the COVID-19 beyond the normal symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath that patients show. When the new coronavirus started to spread, experts have listed the aforementioned symptoms that would warn people against … Read more

DOH Shares Health Tips Amid EQC Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

doh shares health tips

DOH shares these health tips The Department of Health DOH shares health tips amid the enhanced community quarantine due to the coronavirus outbreak. Because of the current health crisis in the Philippines, and in many parts of the world, people are forced to stay at home in order to avoid spreading the virus. Lesser activities … Read more

Mixing Alcohol & Bleach as Disinfectant Solution “Dangerous”, ICP Says

Disinfectant Solution

ICP Described Mixing Alcohol & Bleach as Disinfectant Solution “Dangerous” The Integrated Chemists of the Philippines (ICP) said that mixing alcohol and bleach as a disinfectant solution is dangerous. Earlier this week, the video footage of a man instructing viewers to mix alcohol and bleach to create a disinfectant solution spread like wildfire online after it … Read more

Mood Swings May Link To Vitamin B Deficiency, Says Studies

Mood Swings

Here’s an explanation of how mood swings may link to Vitamin B deficiency. According to various studies, the symptoms of having mood swings ⁠— including fatigue and mood changes ⁠— were attributed to Vitamin B deficiency. This, as websites Medical News Today and Mayo Clinic cited correlations between mood swings and Vitamin B deficiency. According … Read more

Ghosting May Lead To A Serious Mental Health Problem, Says Experts


Experts on Thursday, February 13, warned the public against the possible effect of ghosting, that is, the process of leaving a person without a word. This, as Estrella Magno, a psychologist, said in an interview that depression “will set in, the helplessness, the hopelessness: once you’re being ghosted by a certain person. She added that … Read more

Diarrhea Might Be A Secondary Path Of nCoV Transmission — Scientists

Diarrhea Might Be A Secondary Path Of nCoV Transmission

Diarrhea might be a secondary path of transmission for the 2019 novel coronavirus, according to the researchers’ latest study. This, following the publication of the latest study, reporting patients with loose stool and abdominal symptoms. The primary path of transmission for the 2019 novel coronavirus was believed to be virus-laden droplets from an infected patient’s … Read more