Coronavirus Tips: Ways To Protect Yourself & Prepare For COVID-19

Know these coronavirus tips for your safety and your loved ones

Coronavirus Tips – Here are some tips that people should know in order to protect themselves and prepare for the COVID-19.

Many parts of the world now are suffering from the deadly virus. Aside from the fact that, as of press time, there is no known cure or vaccine yet for the new coronavirus, people are also panicking because of scary information they read online but some are just false.

coronavirus tips
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However, these tips can give a headstart to everyone in dealing with the virus. First, preparation is vital and then, the protection that everyone should do.

Here are the things you can do amid the COVID-29 outbreak, based on the article from The New York Times.

Stay home as much as possible
Based on the article, the virus can travel through droplets and in order to avoid this, social distancing or physical distancing is advised. Having limitations to the exposure you have with other people is important at these times.

Wash your hands with soap and wash again
The length of time that you need to spend in washing your hands is 20 seconds. It is the same time when you finish singing ‘Happy Birthday’ song.

Stay informed
You can get information from different platforms but be sure that what you read, hear, or watch is factual.

Parents, keep calm with your children
COVID-19 cases in children are very rare, experts say. Children have flu vaccine and this can be an advantage for adults. Due to community quarantine/lockdown, children can be bored just staying at home. Make sure to give them worthwhile activities.

Don’t stockpile masks
If you are not yet infected, there is no reason for you to hoard masks in your possession. Most surgical masks are too loose so they can’t protect you from the virus.

Stock enough groceries, medicine, and supplies
You can stock the things that you need for 30 days, based on the article.

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