Matet de Leon Responds to Basher Who Called her “Laos”

Here’s the response of Matet de Leon to a basher who called her “laos”

MATET DE LEON – The actress went to social media wherein she shared how she dealt with a basher who called her “laos.”

Matet de Leon
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Matet is an actress who began her career as a child star. She is the adopted daughter of Christopher de Leon and Nora Aunor.

Previously, she made a buzz online after expressing her disappointment to her mother for directly competing with her gourmet tuyo and tinapa business.

“Would you do this to your children? HONOR THY FATHER AND MOTHER. HOW? how can I do that now? Ay, AMPON PALA AKO,” she asked.

The former child star revealed someone told her that she should just be a reseller of her mother’s product. But Matet explained, she and her husband, Mickey Estrada, worked hard developing their own product and eventually sell it.

She continued, saying that her mother knew that she had this type of business so she was surprised that she also released a similar product. Matet de Leon also asked her followers for advice on what to do now that her own mother is competing with her.

While she and her mom have yet to settle their issue, a netizen sent a private message to her via Instagram calling her “papansin” and “laos”. The netizen wrote: “Papansin ka lang e. Laos is real! Yeah! Ampon ka sabi mo kaya dapat tumanaw ka ng utang na loob sa nag palaki sayu!”

She shared the message of the basher on her IG Stories with her response: “Hindi po nalalaos ang supporting actors. Mga bida lang po. Labyu.”

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