Gatchalian Wants Cellphones Banned For Students In Schools

Gatchalian Wants Students Banned From Using Cellphones In Schools

GATCHALIAN – Senator Sherwin Gatchalian wants students banned from using cellphones within school premises.

On April 27, Senator Sherwin Gatchalian urged the Department of Education (DepEd) to implement a policy prohibiting cellphone usage within school premises. Leading the Senate basic education committee, Gatchalian proposed this measure as an alternative to introducing a bill aimed at banning mobile phone use among students.

His goal is to foster a culture where students prioritize reading books over engaging with social media platforms. In an interview on dwIZ radio, Gatchalian emphasized the DepEd’s authority to enact a policy banning phones during class hours and inside classrooms.

Photo Source: The Manila Times

The politician also highlighted the potential for legislation to enforce such restrictions. Concerned about Filipino students’ low reading comprehension, which he attributes to excessive social media use, Gatchalian noted the addictive nature of cellphones and their detrimental impact on youth.

“Based on my observation, many students use their phones during recess, during lunch break, instead of talking among each other or studying or reading. Cellphones can be addictive. Adults can get addicted to YouTube or TikTok. How much more the children?” the senator said.

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The senator cited recent research indicating the negative effects of excessive gadgets and cellphone use on young people’s mental well-being and educational attainment. Additionally, Gatchalian mentioned the possibility of reintroducing a similar proposal from the previous Congress, suggesting that the Senate could consider a ban on cellphones in schools.

“I have read new research over the weekend that excessive use of gadgets and cell phones have a negative effect on the youth,” he said.

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