Matet de Leon Reacts to Noranians Who Called her ‘Walang Silbing Ampon’

Matet De Leon: “Ang babait talaga ng mga noranians”

MATET DE LEON – The adoptive daughter of Superstar Nora Aunor has reacted on the latter’s fans commonly known as Noranians who called her “walang silbing ampon.”

Matet de Leon Reacts to Noranians Who Called her 'Walang Silbing Ampon'
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It’s not a secret to the public the complicated relationship between the veteran actress and her children.

Matet is one of the adoptive children of Nora Aunor following Lotlot, Kenneth and Kiko.

On Saturday, Matet de Leon took to the image-sharing site, Instagram wherein she shared two comments she received from the netizens which she tagged as “Noranians.”

Nora Aunor has been dubbed as the Superstar of showbiz and known as award-winning singer-actress since 1960s.

Her avid fans and supporters called Noranians have been active upon defending her whenever she’s involved in a controversy.

This time, she got tangled in an issue with her children.

A netizen slammed Matet de Leon and even called her, “WALANG SILBING AMPON.”

Another netizen accused Matet, Lotlot, and Ian of just wanting to get money from their mother.

But instead of expressing her anger towards the Noranians, she just simply replied: “Ang babait talaga ng mga “noranians” I LOVE YOU.”

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