Ian de Leon Reveals Reason Behind Not Going To Party Prepared by Nora Aunor

Why Ian de Leon Didn’t Come to Party Prepared by Nora Aunor for Him

IAN DE LEON – The actor revealed the reason behind not going to the party that his mother, veteran actress Nora Aunor, has prepared for him.

Among the celebrity ex-couples are Christopher de Leon and Nora Aunor. The veteran stars have five (5) children, their biological son Ian de Leon and their adoptive children Lotlot, Matet, Kiko, and Kenneth.

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Recently, a lot of people were asking about Nora and Ian. It was after the actor did not show up in the birthday party that the veteran actress has prepared for him.

Ian recently celebrated his 45th birthday last December 11, 2020. Reports stated that the actor had gout so he was not able to attend to the party which became a holiday party instead since he did not come.

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Through a vlog, Ian de Leon recently broke his silence. He revealed the real reason of not coming to the party prepared by Nora Aunor for him.

Ian started his vlog entitled “The Bitter Truth” by emphasizing that he loves Nora, his mother, so much. However, according to him, it is altready painful and he could not hold it anymore.

The actor clarified that he’s truly happy over the plan of his mother to prepare for his birthday. Their conversation even included asking each other forgiveness over their laxities and exchanging I love you‘s.

“What happened was the night before nag-message kami… May gusto siyang ipapunta na tao. Sagot ko, ‘Sorry, ma, I don’t think na maging comfortable kami,” he said in his vlog.

Ian de Leon did not name the person that Nora Aunor wants to invite to his birthday party. He also stressed that he wants the celebration to only have their family. He’s even hoping for a heart-to-heart talk with his mother.

Nora Aunor
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Ian also defended his siblings most especially Matet who was receiving a lot of criticisms from other people over their family issues.

“Yung mga haters, di namin kayo kilala, e. Kung anu-anong pinagsasabi niyo sa amin,” he said.

According to Ian de Leon, he does not want the people to see that they are embracing each other and very sweet because they’re in front of the camera. In his vlog, he stressed that he and his family would choose to live in a painful truth.

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