Abusive Man Faces 2-Year Imprisonment for Torturing His Pet Dog

Abusive Man Faces 2-Year Imprisonment for Torturing His Pet Dog

The police authorities arrested an abusive man who would face two-year imprisonment for torturing his pet dog.

The US. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California reported that the fur parent identified as Angel Ramos-Corrales of Riverside, California tortured his pet chihuahua Canelo.

Corrales alleged inflicted serious injuries to his dog’s head and torso. The guy causes fracture to the puppy’s skull and ribs. The man even uploaded the video on his Instagram account, which garnered criticisms online.

Abusive Man

“The dog’s injuries caused it to continuously fall headfirst, and Ramos-Corrales recorded a video of the injured puppy and posted it on his Instagram account,” the officials said.

The culprit slit the dog’s throat leading the poor animal to lose its consciousness. He also recorded another video while kicking the poor puppy and uploaded it on his Snapchat account.

The video circulates online and eventually caught the attention of the local police. The cops visited the house of Corrales and found blood stains on the suspect’s clothes. His bedroom and restroom are also filled with blood.

Abusive Man

The man’s roommate told the police that the latter locked inside his room after seeing the dog wrapped in a rug and blood splattered in the floor. The dog has been turned over to the local animal services.

Unfortunately, the veterinarian euthanized the puppy after suffering serious injuries from the hand of abusive man.

The prosecutors considers the offense as a “gruesome act of violence”. Corrales’s act is also considered as a crime with “wanton disregard” for the puppy’s life.

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