Nikko Natividad Responds to Netizen Calling him ‘Bastos’

Here’s the response of Nikko Natividad to netizen calling him “bastos”

NIKKO NATIVIDAD – The Hashtag member responded to a netizen criticizing him and even called him, “bastos.”

Nikko Natividad
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Recently, the actor-dancer took to social media to defend his friend Arjo Atayde.

Arjo is currently making a buzz online following his alleged breach of protocol in Baguio City.

This is after Mayor Benjamin Magalong announced on August 17 that Arjo left the city despite the fact that he tested positive for the coronavirus.

The mayor explained that Arjo allegedly did not follow the instruction to not leave Baguio while waiting for the result of his COVID-19 test. Magalong allegedly found out that Arjo Atayde left Baguio on August 16.

After earning criticism, many turned to social media to defend Arjo Atayde and one of which is actor-dancer Nikko Natividad.

According to him, Arjo did not abandon his crew.

While defending Arjo, Nikko Natividad engaged with netizens. A netizen even sent a message to him in private while calling him, bastos.

Her message was accompanied by a screenshot of Nikko’s interaction with another netizen.

Meanwhile, Arjo Atayde is yet to issue an official statement regarding the controversy.

But his production company, Feelmaking Productions, explained in a statement what really transpired at the time.

In a statement signed by the head of the production, Ellen Criste, it’s being said that it was a “mutual decision” by the production, Arjo’s parents, and the actor’s doctors to take him to a hospital in Manila.

Criste, on the other hand, assured that the production followed the safety protocols of Baguio City.

Arjo’s camp is now asking for prayers for his fast recovery.

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