Aiko Melendez and Julian Trono Face Backlash Over TikTok Video Inside Session Hall

Aiko Melendez and Julian Trono

TikTok video of Aiko Melendez and Julian Trono inside the session hall TIKTOK INSIDE SESSION HALL – Quezon City Councilor Aiko Melendez and SK President Julian Trono faced criticism from netizens after sharing a TikTok video of themselves dancing inside the session hall. The video, taken before their session, featured Aiko and Julian dancing together. … Read more

Eri Neeman Back On TikTok After Getting Banned

Eri Neeman

Eri Neeman: “I’m back on TikTok” ERI NEEMAN – The content creator recently expressed his gratitude as he’s back on TikTok after getting banned on the platform. To recall, it was last February 16, 2023 when he spoke about possibly getting banned on the platform due to “bullying” and also cleared up the reason why … Read more

VP Sara Duterte Tells Students To Go Beyond Facebook, TikTok

Sara Duterte

VP Sara Duterte to students: “There is something more than Tiktok and Facebook” VP SARA DUTERTE – Vice President Sara Duterte told students to go beyond social networking sites like Facebook and TikTok. The Vice President wanted students to discover writing their own opera, saying that there’s something more than Facebook and TikTok. Duterte, who … Read more

DOST Uses TikTok To Boost Public Interest In Science and Technology


DOST: “Kaya gumagamit tayo ng ganitong platform, sinusubukan natin maabot ang ating mamamayan through entertainment” DOST — The Department of Science and Technology starts using TikTok in order to boost the public interest in science and technology. The Department of Science and Technology believed that the video sharing app can help more people understand science. … Read more

TikTok To Let Creators Charge Monthly Subscriptions For Live Streams


TikTok: “LIVE Subscription is an extension of our efforts” TIKTOK — The video-snippet streaming platform will start letting some popular creators charge subscriptions for live streams. Similar money-making tools have been added to rivals such as Facebook and Instagram as the social media platforms compete for online personalities that attract audiences. The company said in … Read more