TikTok Restricted Mode — What Is This and How To Turn It On or Off?

Here’s what you need to know about TikTok Restricted Mode

TIKTOK RESTRICTED MODE – This article will teach you about this feature and the steps on how to turn it on or off.

Restricted Mode on the platform allows you to limit exposure to content that may not be suitable for everyone. Some features will not be available on the platform under this feature – including the Following feed and gifting on LIVE.

If you’re a parent or a guardian, you can turn on “Restricted Mode” for your children through “Family Pairing”.

TikTok Restricted Mode
Photo: CNBC

TikTok provides a number of safety tools and resources that allow you to control privacy preferences and access content that is most appropriate or relevant for you or your family. 

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to turn it on or off:

The first thing to do is to open your TikTok app and tap “Profile” at the bottom. Next, you need to select the “Menu” button at the top and then choose “Settings and privacy”.

After that, you need to tap “Content preferences” and then select “Restricted Mode”. The last step is to follow the steps in the app in order to set or enter a passcode to turn the Restricted Mode on or off.

Keep in mind that this feature is only available on the TikTok app as Restricted Mode is on by default when browsing on the web or mobile. Also, you need to turn on the feature on each account separately if you have multiple accounts.

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