How To Withdraw TikTok Rewards In Cash?

Here’s how to withdraw your TikTok Rewards in cash

HOW TO WITHDRAW TIKTOK REWARDS IN CASH? – This article will teach you how to withdraw your rewards in cash on the platform.

A TikTok Rewards is a token of appreciation from the company to its community of users across the globe. It is the currency of rewards earned under the platform’s referral program.

You can redeem your referral rewards for actual money and can also redeem your rewards as coupons or mobile top-ups in certain countries as well. Keep in mind that rewards will be converted to cash at a fixed rate.

How To Withdraw TikTok Rewards In Cash
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But how can you withdraw your rewards in cash?

Withdrawing your rewards in cash is a hassle-free process. You just need to link your e-payment channels (such as your bank account or PayPal) to TikTok and withdraw the desired amount.

But because TikTok is a worldwide platform, countries will have different thresholds and limitations and users can withdraw their rewards in cash only while adhering to the guidelines.

In terms of the expiration of TikTok Rewards, the company said that rewards do not expire once earned by a user.

TikTok also said that users will be informed well in advance if the company ever end the referral program due to any circumstances. In that way, the company said that users can withdraw their rewards before the referral program shuts down.

Keep in mind that TikTok Rewards are valid as long as it’s active and users can withdraw from their accounts at their own convenience. Also, you will not be allowed to withdraw your rewards against anything if the account you invited is found to be a dummy or a spam account.

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