Truth About Taragis Tattoo Issue


Taragis Admits ‘April Fools’ Prank’ Was Scripted TARAGIS – The founder of the Takoyaki shop admitted that their April Fools’ challenge, which became popular on social media on April 1, 2024, was scripted. To recall, people felt sorry for Ramil Albano, thinking he was tricked by Taragis Takoyaki Shop, which is owned by Carl Quion. … Read more

Taragis Tattoo Issue is Scripted, Says Xian Gaza


The tattoo issue involving Taragis, a local Takoyaki store, is claimed to be scripted, according to infamous social media personality Xian Gaza. Gaza highlighted the recentness of the tattoo on the forehead of Ramil Albano, the individual who accepted the challenge from the aforementioned store.

Netizen Questions Legitimacy of Taragis Tattoo Issue


The legitimacy of the Taragis tattoo issue is being questioned by a netizen TARAGIS TATTOO ISSUE – A netizen has questioned the legitimacy of the story behind the issue at the local Takoyaki store, Taragis. Taragis made headlines after posting a challenge that turned out to be a prank. One person took the challenge seriously … Read more

Ramil Albano to Receive Financial Aid, Free iPhone, and Services From Various Businesses

Ramil Albano

Several business owners extended financial assistance to Ramil Albano TARAGIS ISSUE – Several business owners extended financial assistance to Ramil Albano, the person in the photo who took on the Tattoo Challenge on April Fools’ Day. April Fools’ Day, celebrated on April 1st each year, is a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes … Read more