Taragis Finally Gives P100K to Ramil Albano; Owner Carl Quion Apologizes

Ramil Albano receives P100K from Taragis and an apology from the owner Carl Quion

TARAGIS – The local Takoyaki store finally gave the P100K to Ramil Albano, which was supposed to be the reward for their tattoo challenge that turned out to be an April Fools’ prank.

On April 1, April Fools’ Day, the local Takoyaki store posted a challenge that turned out to be a prank. One netizen took the challenge seriously and got the shop’s logo tattooed on his forehead, expecting a response from the shop. However, Taragis later clarified that it was just a joke and reminded everyone about the importance of reading comprehension and skepticism on April Fools’ Day.

Apparently, Taragis, which is also known on social media for their Takoyaki eating challenge, earned massive backlash from netizens. Some even called to boycott the store to the point of mass reporting their page, which has over 700K followers.

But before things got worse, Carl Quion, the founder of Taragis, personally visited Ramil and apologized. Carl even gave the P100,000 to Ramil, which will be used for the studies of his child and for his son, who has Down syndrome.

He also treated Ramil and his son to the fast-food chain, Jollibee. In his vlog, he reminded social media personalities or content creators to be mindful of their actions because there are people desperate enough when it comes to money, especially those in dire need.

Meanwhile, blessings continue to pour in for Ramil. Aside from the P100K from Taragis, he is expected to receive P100,000 from Project Glow Up, P10,000 from Boss Philippines, P5,000 from Micchiatos Coffee, P1000 from PONG’s Buffalo, free services forever from Boss Suave Barbershop, an iPhone from GppPower GadgetShop, P5000 from Cartel Studio, P10,000 from ChizMozza, and cash and food from 3S Siblings Food House.

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