Netizen Questions Legitimacy of Taragis Tattoo Issue

The legitimacy of the Taragis tattoo issue is being questioned by a netizen

TARAGIS TATTOO ISSUE – A netizen has questioned the legitimacy of the story behind the issue at the local Takoyaki store, Taragis.

Taragis made headlines after posting a challenge that turned out to be a prank. One person took the challenge seriously and even got the shop’s logo tattooed on their forehead, expecting a response. However, Taragis later clarified that it was just a joke, emphasizing the need for careful reading and skepticism on April Fools’ Day.

Following this incident, Taragis, well-known for its Takoyaki eating challenge on social media, faced significant criticism from internet users. Some called for a boycott, resulting in numerous reports on their page, which has over 700K followers.

To address the situation, Carl Quion, Taragis’ founder, personally visited Ramil to apologize. He also offered P100,000 for Ramil’s child’s education and his son, who has Down syndrome. Additionally, Carl treated Ramil and his son to a meal at Jollibee. In his vlog, he advised social media personalities to be cautious about their actions, especially considering the financial struggles some individuals may be facing.

Apparently, a netizen doubted the truthfulness of the story. Netizen Chonna Mae criticized Taragis for deleting her comment, saying she was only trying to point out the problems in the story. She said it would be impossible for the man to get the tattoo in just 30 minutes. She also noticed that the tattoo didn’t look fresh anymore.

Here’s the full post of Chonna Mae:

Infamous internet celebrity Xian Gaza also said the same thing, suggesting that people were wasting their time on the issue. “Hindi fresh yung tattoo sa noo, it means matagal na o henna lang. Hindi rin marunong umarte si Kuya. Halatang scripted. Publicity stunt lamang. Gigil na gigil pa man din kayo Hahahaha! Sayang yung galit niyo,” he said.

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