Online Seller Who Started Out with PHP7K Capital Now a Successful Businesswoman

online seller to successful businesswoman

Meet Ghie Pangilinan, from online seller to successful businesswoman GHIE PANGILINAN – The online seller who started out with seven thousand pesos (P7000) capital is now a successful businesswoman. Rogelyn “Ghie” Pangilinan, a former Overseas Filipino worker (OFW) and online seller, shared her inspiring journey on an episode of My Puhunan. Ghie has successfully built … Read more

“Di kita binebenta anak ha” Online Seller Explained After Making Her Daughter as Model of Products

Online Seller

Online Seller Explained “Di kita binebenta anak ha” After Making Her Daughter as Model of Products An online seller explained “Di kita binebenta anak ha” after making her beloved daughter as a model of her products. In this digital age, the realm of online selling has expanded exponentially, providing individuals with a platform to showcase … Read more

Lady Netizen Victimized by Hold-Upper While Selling Plants Online

Lady Netizen

Hold-Upper Caught on Camera While Victimizing Lady Netizen Selling Plants Online HOLDUP INCIDENT – A lady netizen suffered trauma after she has been victimized by a hold-upper while selling plants online. A 49-year-old woman named Aling Bebiana Manio of Caloocan City suffered from trauma after an unidentified gunman entered her residence and stole her mobile … Read more

Online Seller Arrested After Selling COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits

Online Seller

Police Authorities Arrest Online Seller For Selling COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits A certain online seller identified as Jemeun Cenon has been arrested by the police authorities for selling COVID-19 test kits in Cebu City. The coronavirus disease continues to spread in various countries all around the world but the health authorities are doing their best … Read more

Online Seller Goes Viral After Selling This Item

Online Seller

A certain video caught the attention of the netizens when an online seller wanted to sell an item online for an “affordable” price. In a Facebook post, Athena Cantos shared a video where she wanted her father’s “limited edition” undergarment for the price of PHP 100. She said that her father has no idea that … Read more