“Di kita binebenta anak ha” Online Seller Explained After Making Her Daughter as Model of Products

Online Seller Explained “Di kita binebenta anak ha” After Making Her Daughter as Model of Products

An online seller explained “Di kita binebenta anak ha” after making her beloved daughter as a model of her products.

In this digital age, the realm of online selling has expanded exponentially, providing individuals with a platform to showcase their products and services to a wider audience. However, there are instances when innocent misunderstandings can arise, leading to amusing situations.

Such was the case for Pham Mendoz, an online seller, and her young child, who unknowingly became a trending topic after a screenshot of their conversation went viral.

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Pham, an avid online seller, proudly shared that her child has been a model for various online shops, particularly those in Taytay, for the past two years. “Since 2 years old pa po si baby, model na po talaga siya sa iba’t ibang shops online lalo na po sa Taytay,” she said.

As time went on, the number of shops interested in featuring her child increased, and eventually, her pictures were posted on various platforms, including TikTok and Shopee.

“Habang patagal po nang patagal [mas dumami] ang shops na kumukuha kay baby hanggang sa napo-post na po sa iba’t ibang app like Tiktok and Shopee,” Pham explained.

Online Seller

To Pham’s surprise, her child stumbled upon one of her pictures on an online shop. In a moment of innocence and confusion, the child thought she was being sold online. This misconception prompted a hilarious reaction from the young one, leading to an entertaining conversation between Pham and her child.

Amidst the laughter, Pham explained that her child misunderstood the situation because her pictures were frequently shared in online marketplaces. It was an innocent mistake, born out of the child’s curiosity and an incomplete understanding of online selling platforms.

“Akala niya binebenta namin siya kasi nasa market halos lahat ng pics niya kaya doon kami natawa. Nag-react siya na bakit daw siya nasa tiktok shop hahaha,” she added.

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