Lady Netizen Shows Fruit of Hardwork as Online Seller

Lady Netizen Earns Praises After Sharing Inspiring Story as Online Seller

A lady netizen has shared her inspiring story and showed the fruits of her hardwork as online seller.

A Facebook user named Jess MJ Balisbisana has shared her inspiring story from rags to riches. Her hard work paid off and showed the fruits of her hardships throughout the years. The post earned praises from the netizens.

Balisbisana encouraged her fellow entrepreneurs not to lose hope because she experienced the same hardships. She tried selling shoes, clothes and other products from Divisoria and travelled all the way from Pampanga to Manila just to get orders.

Lady Netizen

Jess also find it hard to commute while carrying bulks of baggage containing the orders of her customers. She even need to personally deliver the goods to her customers just to earn money.

The online seller also tried to sell watches including Casio Gshock MK and tried to sell it online. She experienced extreme exhaustion but endured all the hardships just to reach her goal in life.

In 2018, she bought a car (KIA Picanto), which she could use to deliver the orders of her customers. In 2020, she started to sell carpet and her new products give her a lot of earnings. She was able to buy Montero in 2021 and build a house and helped her sibling to start a business.

Lady Netizen

Here is the full post:

Siblings Goal

Post not to brag but to inspired

Nag simula kami sa wala

Hanggang sa eto nakami

Grind lang ng grind

Diskarte sipag atchaga

at Dasal lang

Ako na dati empleyado na ngayon Full time online seller na kuya ko dati nag Tryk driver ngayon Full time online seller na din

kung kaya namin kaya nyo din dont loose hope

wag mawalan ng pag asa sa buhay

Proud Online Seller

Fruits of hardwork

glory to god ”

Lady Netizen

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