2024 Scooters: Top 10 Electric & Motorcycle Scooters In The Philippines

2024 Top 10 Scooters in the Philippines: Electric & Motorcycle Selections 2024 SCOOTERS – Our carefully chosen collection will guide you to the best 10 scooters available in the Philippines. Setting off on a journey with a top-notch scooter opens up boundless possibilities. This thrilling experience allows you to effortlessly bypass traffic congestion, explore alternative … Read more

Girlfriend Slashes Boyfriend’s Motorcycle After Allegedly Being Cheated On

slashing motorcycle

Allegedly due to cheating, girlfriend slashes the motorcycle of her boyfriend DUE TO CHEATING? – A woman expressed her frustration by slashing her boyfriend’s motorcycle after allegedly being cheated on. In a display of frustration and anger, a woman recently took drastic measures to express her feelings toward her alleged cheating boyfriend. The incident was … Read more

Motorcycle Found Hanging on Electrical Wires in CDO

motorcycle hanging

In Cagayan de Oro, a motorcycle was found hanging on electrical wires. CAGAYAN DE ORO – A motorcycle was found hanging on electrical wires of a telecommunications company in CDO. Passersby and residents of Barangay Lapasan in CDO were left astounded after having seen a motorcycle suspended in the air, trapped in electrical wires and … Read more

Furious Rider Beats Pasaway Teenager for Smashing his Motorcycle

Furious Rider

Furious Rider Beats Pasaway Teenager for Repeatedly Smashing His Beloved Motorcycle w/ Rock PASAWAY TEENAGER – A furious rider beats a pasaway teenager for smashing his motorcycle in front of a convenience store. Nowadays, numerous teenagers have been already engaging in illegal activities and other inappropriate acts, which could lead them to danger. Some of … Read more

Delivery Rider Accidentally Rams Motorcycles at Parking Space

Delivery Rider

Delivery Rider Caught on Camera After He Accidentally Rammed Motorcycles at a Parking Lot The video footage of a delivery rider who accidentally rammed several motorcycles at a parking space elicits comments online. Nowadays, a lot of malls and other business establishments were offering parking space for their valued customers and clients. Owning a parking lot can … Read more