Angkas Rider Sleeps in His Motorcycle While Waiting for Booking

Angkas Rider Falls Asleep in His Motorcycle Due to Exhaustion

An Angkas rider who fell asleep in his motorcycle while waiting for booking goes viral and earns praise online.

The photo shared by ride-hailing rider Jay Marck Silva featuring his fellow Angkas rider has garnered admiration from netizens. Jay also expressed his admiration for the said rider. The post goes viral online.

In the bustling streets of SM San Mateo, Silva noticed his fellow rider who appeared to be extremely tired. The rider was seen resting by the side of the road, seemingly in need of rest.

Angkas Rider

Curious about his situation, Jay approached him and asked why he had chosen to rest in a potentially unsafe location, risking the loss of his cell phone. The weary rider explained that he had been riding since early morning and hadn’t slept yet, as he needed to maximize his trips to earn a living.

Jay, impressed by the dedication of his co-Angkas rider, couldn’t help but feel a sense of respect for his hard work and determination. Despite the challenges and fatigue, the rider remained committed to providing service to his passengers and earning a livelihood.

Silva was touched by his rider’s unwavering work ethic, as he understood the importance of earning a living in a challenging and competitive industry like ride-hailing.

“Saludo po ko sa kanya dahil kahit mahirap man ang aming trabaho, kaya niyang gawin ang lahat para lang may maipakain sa pamilya niya,” Jay said.

The photo has a caption:

“Laban lang paps , Online parin kahit tulog na”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Angkas Rider

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