Motornapper Arrested After Posting on Social Media Stolen Motorcycle

After posting on social media the motorcycle they have stolen, a motornapper and his companions were arrested

MOTORNAPPER – A motorcycle thief was arrested after posting on social media the motorcycle they have stolen.

Four suspects, including one minor, were apprehended by the police in Iloilo City, for stealing a motorcycle that was parked on Iznart Street in Barangay Danao, City Proper. The suspects were identified as Joshua Corsino, 25 years old, from Badiangan, Mina; Rommel Robles, 26 years old, from Canoan, Estancia; Ranjit Magay, 30 years old, from Hipodromo City Proper; and a minor.

According to Captain Peter John Ramos, the head of the City Proper Police Station, the victim, Job Misajon, 39 years old, from Sinikway, Lapuz, sought their help after seeing his motorcycle posted for sale on a social media marketplace. Misajon identified the motorcycle through its temporary plate number. The police then posed as buyers to transact with the seller. Corsino and the minor were first apprehended at the plaza in New Lucena.

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Corsino later revealed as per Aksyon Radyo Iloilo that Robles had sold him the motorcycle for P18,000. During a follow-up operation, the police arrested Robles and Magay in Barangay Villa Anita, City Proper, and found that they were carrying a fake deed of sale and certificate of registration under the name of Joshua Corsino.

Meanwhile, “motornapping” is a term commonly used in the Philippines to refer to the act of stealing a motorcycle. It is a type of crime that has become increasingly common in the country, particularly in urban areas where motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation.

Motornapping typically involves stealing a motorcycle by force, either by breaking the lock or threatening the owner with a weapon. Once stolen, the motorcycle may be used for joyriding or for illegal activities such as robbery or drug trafficking. In some cases, stolen motorcycles are also dismantled for parts or sold to buyers who are unaware that the vehicle is stolen.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has launched various initiatives to combat motornapping, including increasing police presence in high-risk areas and implementing stricter penalties for those caught committing the crime. However, despite these efforts, motornapping remains a serious issue in the country. It is important for motorcycle owners to take necessary precautions to protect their vehicles, such as using high-quality locks and parking in well-lit areas with CCTV cameras.

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