Female Motornapper Steals Motorcycle Parked in Front of Fast Food Chain in Bacolod

Motorcycle stolen by female motornapper in Bacolod

MOTORNAP – A motorcycle parked in front of a fast food chain in Bacolod was stolen by a female “motornapper.”

Credit: Brigada News Fm 103.1 Bacolod

Carnapping is the taking, with intent to gain, of a motor vehicle belonging to another without the latter’s consent, or by means of violence against or intimidation of persons, or by using force upon things.

When the carnapping is committed without violence against or intimidation of persons, or force upon things, the imprisonment shall be for a period not less than twenty (20) years and one (1) day but not more than thirty (30) years.

Earlier, a motorcycle was stolen by a female motornapper in Bacolod City.

According to Hilario Aranico, the owner of the motorcycle, a female wearing a white t-shirt and black jacket suddenly boarded his motorcycle and fled.

The motorcycle, a Honda Click, was stolen in front of a fast food chain across the Riverside Medical Center in B.S. Aquino Drive, Brgy. 5, Bacolod City earlier today.

The owner of the motorcycle was supposed to pick up his daughter working at the hospital.

He was sitting in the parking lot of the fast food chain and was confident that none would steal the motorcycle which was a few inches away from him. He even left the key in the ignition.

But after boarding the motorcycle, the female motornapper fled without even wearing the helmet.

The victim noted that the motorcycle was bought a few months ago and they are still paying for it every month.

Meanwhile, netizens shared their take on the incident. Some said to be watchful and not be overconfident.

Previously, a carnapper tried to steal a car in Bacolod with the owner’s wife in it. The suspect has been nabbed.

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