Barbie Imperial Reacts To Mean Comments About Her

Barbie Imperial: “Wala na bang mas masakit diyan? Yun na yon?”

BARBIE IMPERIAL — The actress recently released a new vlog where she responded to mean comments about her while having a seafood mukbang.

Barbie Imperial
Photo: Barbie Imperial / Instagram

It was last September 28 when she released a vlog titled “SEAFOOD MUKBANG + READING MEAN COMMENTS” on her YouTube channel. She responded to some of the mean comments about her in the said vlog — including her clothes, her past relationships, and her career in showbiz.

In response to the netizen who called her “malandi”, she said that she’s flirty with someone when she’s in a relationship, adding that she flirts with her boyfriend too much. She then clarified that she’s not flirtatious.

Barbie also reacted to a netizen who accused her of being a third party in the divorce of Trina Candaza and Carlo Aquino.

Teh, kailan ba naghiwalay sina Carlo at Trina? Last year pa. Tapos nagka-movie kami ni Carlo this year lang. Ako na naman sinisisi niyo!” she said. “Yung mga tao gigil na gigil maging kabit ako ‘no? Parang every time na nagbe-break ako talaga. Pero wala namang proof. Tsaka hello! Sinabi ko na ‘to sa last vlog ko, hindi ako kabit.

The actress admitted that there are still times that her mood is affected even though she’s used to being bashed by netizens.

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Barbie also shared a message for those who are also experiencing online bashing like her.

According to her, not all bashers are just there to hurt the person. She also said that she’s thankful when people bashed me, especially when there’s something about her that’s not right, because she can correct her better.

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