2024 Scooters: Top 10 Electric & Motorcycle Scooters In The Philippines

2024 Top 10 Scooters in the Philippines: Electric & Motorcycle Selections

2024 SCOOTERS – Our carefully chosen collection will guide you to the best 10 scooters available in the Philippines.

Setting off on a journey with a top-notch scooter opens up boundless possibilities. This thrilling experience allows you to effortlessly bypass traffic congestion, explore alternative routes, and reach your destination faster than conventional bus commutes.

Our compilation will steer you towards the 10 most exceptional scooters accessible in the Philippines. So, let’s embark on this adventure!

1. Mitsushi V8 Tecby Electric Scooter

Ideal for urban commuters, the Mitsushi V8 electric scooter distinguishes itself with its comfort, user-friendly operation, and safety features. Notably, you can pedal this scooter, promoting weight loss and boosting energy during your travels.

Photo Source: LazadaPH

2. HX X9+ Scooter

Despite the usual price range for high-quality scooters in the Philippines, the HX X9+ Scooter is priced at less than half, ensuring a smooth and safe ride. It meets pedestrian safety standards with additional features like light indicators and headlamps for night journeys.

3. Yamaha Vino Electric Scooter

Traveling affordably and stylishly is made possible with the Yamaha Vino Electric Scooter, eliminating the hassles of commuting. This cost-effective and comfortable electric scooter exudes confidence, providing a luxurious motorcycle feel.

Photo Source: Yamaha

4. BYCON Folding Electric Scooter Motor

Earned recognition as the best scooter motorcycle through online reviews, BYCON stands out with its shock absorption, providing comfort and stability. The addition of a seat cushion enhances the riding experience, making it a favorite among adult riders.

Photo Source: ProductNation

5. iScooter I9 Electric Scooter

As the leading 150cc scooter in the Philippines, the iScooter I9 caters to riders seeking a calm and pleasant experience. With its sleek design and powerful motor, it offers stability and can handle heavier weights, making it suitable for various terrains.

Photo Source: Amazon

6. Xiaomi 4 Lite Electric Scooter

Equipped with automated features like drum brakes and dual suspension, the Xiaomi 4 Lite Electric Scooter ensures convenient and safe road trips. Its design prioritizes simplicity and smooth maneuverability, making it suitable for city drives and easy storage in cars for longer travels.

Photo Source: Xiaomi Store

7. Medicus X-02 Elderly Mobility Scooter

Tailored for beginners, the Medicus X-02 Elderly Mobility Scooter features easy controls and anti-collision features for added safety during practice rides.

Photo Source: ProductNation

8. Xiaomi 3 Lite Electric Scooter

Tailored for women, the Xiaomi 3 Lite Electric Scooter adheres to IPS4 safety ratings, ensuring a secure ride. Its aesthetic appeal in black or white caters to various women’s styles.

9. Segway Ninebot MAX Kick Scooter

Crafted for extended rides with comfort and style, the Segway Ninebot MAX Kick Scooter boasts an impressive maximum range of 65 kilometers. The LED dashboard provides real-time updates on ride progress.

10. NewLife Electric Bicycle

This motorcycle scooter in the Philippines boasts a high load-bearing capacity and can endure rides of up to ninety-five kilometers. With detachable batteries allowing easy charging within five hours, direct charging streamlines the process, ensuring a full charge simultaneously.

Photo Source: ProductNation

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