Requirements for PSBank Cash Loan Application Process

Guide on the Requirements for PSBank Cash Loan You Must Prepare to Apply

REQUIREMENTS FOR PSBANK CASH LOAN – Here are the documents required in applying for the Personal Loan offer of the Philippine Savings Bank.

In the Philippines, banks are among the entities that you may turn to for financial solutions through loans. Some banks even have multiple loan offers just like the Philippine Savings Bank or more popularly called PSBank.

Requirements for PSBank Cash Loan Application Process
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One of the loan offers of PSBank is the Personal Loan, a multi-purpose cash loan offer. It is a collateral-free loan that offers either a revolving credit line or a fixed term loan. The former has no fixed number of payments while the latter has.

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Under the PSBank cash loan offer, the loan applicant can borrow at least Php 20,000 up to Php 250,000. The revoving credit line can work like a credit card with a lower interest rate. The interest is only applied on the used amount.

In the case of the Fixed Term Loan under the offer, cash withdrawal can be done anytime and anywhere. To apply for the offer, you need to prepare the requirements for the PSBank cash loan application process.

The requirements for the PSBank cash loan may vary depending if you are salaried or non-salaried. Here is a guide:

  • completely filled-out and signed PSBank Flexi Personal Loan Application Form
  • photocopy of any of the following identification cards:
    • Primary ID’s
      1. PhilID and various formats of PhilSys Digital ID / e-PhilID
        (with three (3) specimen signatures required)
      2. Philippine Passport ID/ Signature
      3. Digitized Driver’s License (Professional or Non-Professional) ID
      4. Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ID
      5. Digitized Postal ID
      6. Digitized Social Security System (SSS) ID
      7. Digitized Unified Multi-Purpose ID
      8. Digitized Voter’s ID
      9. Digitized Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) or Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) ID
      10. Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) E-Card
    • Additional One (1) Primary ID
      1. Digitized Pag-ibig Loyalty Card
      2. Digitized Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID
      3. Digitized Firearms License ID
      4. Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
      5. Digitized Seaman or Seafarer’s Book
    • Additional Two (2) Secondary IDs
      1. Person with Disability (PWD) ID
      2. Non-Digitized Voter’s ID
      3. Non-Digitized Postal ID
      4. National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance
      5. Barangay Clearance Certificate / ID
      6. Police Clearance Certificate / ID
      7. Company Issued ID by Private Entities Registered or Regulated by BSP/SEC/IC
      8. Photo-Bearing and Signature-Bearing Student Driver’s Permit / License with Official Receipt (O.R.)
  • proof of income:
    • For employed individuals, prepare a photocopy of BIR form 2316.
    • For self-employed individuals, prepare a photocopy of BIR form 1701.

If you are a credit cardholder, you may submit an original copy of your latest billing statement.

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