Motorcycle Stolen by Someone Who Borrowed It, Whom the Owner Just Met

Motorcycle stolen in Negros Occidental

STOLEN MOTORCYCLE – A netizen took to social media where he posted some snaps of the person who stole his motorcycle.

There has been an alarming rise in incidents of motorcycle theft in the Philippines. Motorcycles are becoming prime targets for thieves due to their ease of transportation and high demand in the black market. These thefts occur not only in urban areas but also in rural regions, affecting motorcycle owners across the country.

Criminals employ various methods to steal motorcycles, including forced entry into garages, cutting off locks and chains, and even resorting to violence or intimidation. They often operate under the cover of darkness or take advantage of crowded places where the chances of being caught are lower.

stolen motorcycle
Credit: Lyndon Leogan Montejo

The stolen motorcycles are typically dismantled and sold as spare parts or smuggled to other countries where they fetch a higher price. With a significant market for stolen motorcycles, it has become a lucrative business for organized criminal networks.

The impact of motorcycle theft goes beyond financial loss for the owners. It causes inconvenience, disrupts daily life, and can lead to a loss of livelihood for those who rely on their motorcycles for transportation or employment. Moreover, the rising number of stolen motorcycles contributes to an increase in overall crime rates and poses a significant challenge for law enforcement agencies.

Speaking of which, a certain Lyndon Leogan Montejo took to social media where he shared some snaps of the person who stole his motorcycle. According to him, a man named Ramadan “Ramram” Moncatar borrowed his red Honda TMX 125.

Moncatar borrowed his motorcycle and has yet to return it. He might face charges of carnapping if the motorcycle isn’t returned. Montejo has already reported the incident to the police station.

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