Lechon Buwaya Served at a Birthday Celebration in Davao

lechon buwaya

In Davao, a Lechon Buwaya was served at a birthday party LECHON BUWAYA – A roasted crocodile was one of the main dishes at a birthday party in Davao. Lechon is a popular food in the Philippines that is present on special occasions, festivals, holidays, and even birthdays. One of the reasons why a lot … Read more

Netizen Expresses Disappointment After Ordering Lechon But Not Delivered

lechon scam

Lechon scam in Negros? A netizen took to social media wherein she expressed her disappointment after ordering a Lechon but not delivered. It was supposed to be a happy birthday for the father of Facebook user Lorreine A. Diolata. However, the Lechon they order did not arrive. According to her, it was already fully paid … Read more

No Lechon? Try Lechon Bread w/ Different Fillings for Noche Buena

Lechon Bread

Limited Budget for Holiday Season? Try Lechon Bread w/ Various Fillings for Noche Buena LECHON BREAD – Do you want some lechon on the table for the upcoming holidays? Try this lechon bread with different fillings. Lechón is a pork dish, which is very popular in different countries all around the world including the Philippines. … Read more

QC Store Sells Mouth-Watering Lechon Filled w/ Different Types of Seafoods

Mouth-Watering Lechon

Quezon City Store Sells Mouth-Watering Lechon Filled with Delicious Seafoods A popular store in Quezon City is selling mouth-watering ‘lechon’ filled with different types of seafoods. Lechon has been dubbed as the national “Food” of the Philippines. Most people are serving it during special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and … Read more