Netizen Expresses Disappointment After Ordering Lechon But Not Delivered

Lechon scam in Negros?

A netizen took to social media wherein she expressed her disappointment after ordering a Lechon but not delivered.

lechon scam
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It was supposed to be a happy birthday for the father of Facebook user Lorreine A. Diolata. However, the Lechon they order did not arrive.

According to her, it was already fully paid but they did not receive any lechon on her dad’s birthday.

In her post, she called out the Negros Native Lechon Packages regarding her concern.

She also called on other victims to complain about the “bogus” seller in the public service program, “Raffy Tulfo in Action.”

In the last part of her post, she warned the netizens about the modus of the said seller.

Here’s the caption of the post:

“Supposedly, its a happy birthday. Then opppps, its a scam! Wala ko kabalo sa Negros Native Lechon gli nag order, kag na fully paid na. Fully paid na pero wala may nag abot!

Sino pa gd na scam sng Negros Native Lechon Packages ? Daw kadamo2 na gd abi ma linya ta kag mpa #tulfoaction!

To everyone, beware ngd kmu sa Negros Native Lechon kay bskn ano pa na ka new management nila, ila modus amu man na gypon!”

This is not the first time that the seller was tagged for alleged scamming.

Previously, a post went viral online after a victim claimed that he was scammed for the roasted pig he ordered.

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