Lola Earns Praises After Treating Two Beggars to a Free Meal at Jollibee

Jollibee free meal

Netizens praised a lola after treating 2 beggars to a free meal at Jollibee SPECIAL TREAT – Netizens praised a lola for her generosity after treating two beggars to a free meal at Jollibee. Kindness is defined as friendliness, generosity, and consideration, but it entails much more. It can mean different things to different people. … Read more

Jollibee Incorporates Braille System for Blind and Visually Impaired Customers


For customers who are blind or have visual impairments, Jollibee has incorporated a braille system in their menus JOLLIBEE – The homegrown fast-food giant has incorporated a braille system in its menu to allow blind and visually impaired customers to order at their own will. Jollibee is a Filipino chain of fast food restaurants owned by Jollibee … Read more

Jollibee US Branch Salary Rate Earns Mixed Reactions


Salary rate of a branch of Jollibee in the US JOLLIBEE – The salary rate of a branch of the Philippines-based fast food restaurant in the US earned mixed reactions from the netizens. Jollibee is a Filipino chain of fast food restaurants owned by Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC). It started as a Magnolia ice cream … Read more

Service Crew Earns Praises For Helping Stroke Survivor Customer

Service Crew

Netizens Praise Service Crew For Feeding Stroke Survivor Customer at Fast-Food Chain A male service crew of a popular fast-food chain in the country earned praises online for helping a stroke survivor customer. The heartwarming video footage of a fast-food crew feeding an old man at a popular fast-food chain in Bagong Silang, Quezon City … Read more

Highschool Sweethearts Shared Relationship Journey w/ Jollibee

Highschool Sweethearts Shared Relationship Journey w/ Jollibee A highschool sweethearts who ended up tying the knot has shared their relationship journey together with Jollibee. A Facebook user named Joy M. Caraan has shared her relationship journey with boyfriend in 13 years before tying the knot. The story immediately goes viral and garnered various reactions from … Read more

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Jollibee Spaghetti: “Don’t quite understand”

Trudeau on Jollibee spaghetti

Trudeau: “I got to go to Jollibee, both in Manila, but especially in Winnipeg and, and that spaghetti stuff don’t quite understand.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a message about the country’s best, Jollibee spaghetti. According to the prime minister, he has eaten at the Filipino fast food restaurant several times. Trudeau described everything … Read more

Christian Bables Falls for a Fan-Made ‘Popstar Meal’

Christian Bables

Christian Bables on fan-made Popstar Meal: “Nag init yung tenga ko sa hiya.” CHRISTIAN BABLES – The Kapamilya actor revealed on social media that he fell for a fan-made meal called “Popstar Meal.” Earlier, he went to the micro-blogging site, Twitter wherein he revealed his amusing experience. According to Christian Bables, he went for a … Read more