Bongbong Marcos & Liza Receives Commemorative Doll From Jollibee

Bongbong Marcos 1

Bongbong Marcos & Liza Gets Special Commemorative Doll From Jollibee BONGBONG MARCOS – President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos and First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos received a commemorative doll from Jollibee. President Marcos was delighted to receive a doll and a letter from the well-known Filipino-owned fast food chain, Jollibee, following a meal with First Lady Liza Marcos. … Read more

VIDEO: Netizens React To Benny Blanco’s Jollibee Review

Benny Blanco, Jollibee 4

Benny Blanco Video Criticizing Jollibee Elicited Reaction From Pinoy Netizens BENNY BLANCO – Lots of Filipino netizens reacted to the viral food review of American record producer Benny Blanco. Benny Blanco, also known as Benjamin Joseph Levin, is a renowned American record producer born in the United States. Blanco has familial ties to the Philippines, … Read more

Bogart TV Returns Jollibee Claim Buzzer, Issues Public Apology

Bogart TV

Bogart TV: “Nabalik napo namin yung buzzer ng jollibee na nakalimutan po naming ibigay sa nag ayos po ng order namin” BOGART TV – The content creator recently shared that he returned Jollibee’s claim buzzer after he accidentally brought home the item. The content creator posted a series of photos on his “Kidd Millari” Facebook … Read more

Bogart TV Brings Home Jollibee Claim Buzzer, Netizens React

Bogart TV

Bogart TV: “Guys may nauwi ako” BOGART TV — The content creator recently took to social media to share that he accidentally brought home Jollibee’s claim buzzer. On Wednesday, the content creator posted a series of photos on his Facebook page where he showed the front and back part of Jollibee’s claim buzzer number 20. … Read more

Netizen Shares Post About His Umbrella That Got Accidentally Swapped w/ Another


Male Netizen Expresses Hilarious Reaction After Fellow Customer Accidentally Swapped Their Umbrella A netizen shared a post featuring an amusing incident involving his umbrella accidentally swapped with another at a popular fast-food chain. Angelo Cruz, a Facebook user, posted about his umbrella mix-up, and the story quickly gained traction on social media, eliciting various reactions … Read more

Tita Treats Pamangkin with ‘Adobong Sitaw’ Placed in Jollibee Burger Steak Food Box

Jollibee adobong sitaw

Jollibee adobong sitaw? JOLLIBEE ADOBONG SITAW – A female netizen treated her nephew with “adobong sitaw” placed in a Jollibee burger steak food box. Filipino kids love Jollibee for several reasons. One of the main reasons is the delicious food that Jollibee offers. From their signature Chickenjoy to the sweet and savory Jolly Spaghetti, Jollibee’s … Read more