Meet Francisca Susano, the Oldest Living Person in the World

Francisca Susano

Francisca Susano Might Be The Oldest Living Person in the World at 122 FRANCISCA SUSANO – Meet Francisca Susano of Negros Occidental, one of the oldest people living in the world at the age of 122. Susano was born on September 11, 1897 at Oringao, Kabankalan City in the province of Negros Occidental before the … Read more

Maundy Thursday — What You Need To Know About

Maundy Thursday

Here are some facts that you need to know more about Maundy Thursday. Maundy Thursday was the start of a three-day celebration of Easter, which was the most important time of the year for Catholics. This, as Catholics remembered the Last Supper of Jesus Christ together with His apostles. Here are some of the facts … Read more

Mood Swings May Link To Vitamin B Deficiency, Says Studies

Mood Swings

Here’s an explanation of how mood swings may link to Vitamin B deficiency. According to various studies, the symptoms of having mood swings ⁠— including fatigue and mood changes ⁠— were attributed to Vitamin B deficiency. This, as websites Medical News Today and Mayo Clinic cited correlations between mood swings and Vitamin B deficiency. According … Read more

White Police Officers Use Guns More Than Black Officers, Says US Study

White Police Officers

White police officers were more likely to use their firearms compared to black police officers, according to a US study. According to a recent study from the United States, white police officers were more likely to use their firearms compared to black police officers. This, after the said study was published on Monday, reinforcing a … Read more

Katherine Johnson Dead At 101

Katherine Johnson

NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson died at the age of 101. Katherine Johnson, a NASA mathematician who portrayed in Hidden Figures movie, died on Monday, February 24. She was 101 years old. This, after NASA, a space agency, confirmed Katherine Johnson’s passing. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said that Johnson was “an American hero and her pioneering … Read more